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Yossava Trans Logistik is a freight-forwarding company that handles
export and import goods from all over the world. We manage everything.
from delivering door-to-door goods, custom clearance service, and
domestic Project service on time and with a reasonable rate. Our clients
ranges from small to international companies, as we make sure that
our services can cater to the specific needs of each business. Our
company is not only a bridge, between the clients and the ports, the
products and the market, but an entire ecosystem.
Our company works with clients of many levels. International and
national. Small, medium, and large. Yossava Trans Logistik is the
home to all of your logistic needs. From domestic to import to export
services. From client bookings to overseas agents to shipping lines.
From licenses to custom clearances. From warehouse storage to
door-to-door service. From land to sea to the air. From A to Z. We are
there for you, and we will always b

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