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​What are the latest scams to be aware of?

As scams become increasingly sophisticated, with tactics like AI-powered voice cloning, staying vigilant and aware of evolving threats is crucial to protect yourself in 2024. Some of the top scams in 2024 to look out for include easy online job scams, government account takeover scams, and deepfake and AI scams.

How to Avoiding Scams and Scammers?

1. Do not open email from people you don't know. 

2. Do not open unknown links
3. Be careful with links and new website addresses. 
4. Secure your personal information. 
5. Stay informed on the latest cyber threats. 
6. Use Strong Passwords. 
7. Keep your software up to date and maintain preventative software programs.

The future of freight

Billions of tonnes of goods are moved by lorry every year – everything from food and clothes to building materials, electronic gadgets and toys.

Most heavy-duty vehicles run on diesel and they account for a quarter of the EU’s CO2 emissions from road transport. But making eco-friendly lorries and trucks is challenging. Big vehicles need big batteries, which currently take too long to charge and take up too much room.

So Germany is trying out a few alternatives. The eHighway system enables lorries to connect to overhead electricity cables, just like trams and trains. And while lorries are connected, smaller on-board batteries could be charged up too to power the final leg of a journey.

The country is also investing in another technology: hydrogen. Fuel cells convert the gas into electricity and the only emissions from these vehicles are water vapour and warm air. Seventy-five hydrogen fuel pumps have already opened across the country.

Reporter: William Kremer

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